Oral Presentations
Each speaker will have 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion.
The presentation file (slides) must be in English and the talk can be in Italian (for italian participants) or in English.
The lecture room will be equipped with a PC and a video projector.
Speakers are invited to upload their presentation files (USB memory stick, etc) to the slide point (at the Registration Desk) at the latest by the evening before their scheduled session.
Uploaded files will be available on the lecture room facility.
Speakers are invited to check their presentation on the available PC before any session.
Available presentations system supports ONLY Microsoft WINDOWS and the latest versions of the presentation software.
If the presentation includes any video, the required file format is “avi”.

Poster Session
All authors presenting a poster are asked to print their poster. Two poster sessions have been scheduled: on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June (Please check the final list below to verify when your poster has to be displayed). Posters included in the first session (12th June) must be put up the 12th June and removed at the end of the day. Posters included in the second session (13th June) must be put up the 13th June and removed at the end of the day. 
Poster size: 90 cm wide - 110 cm high (max).
Necessary tools will be available at the Registration desk.


Click here to download the Poster List!


WEDNESDAY 12TH JUNE 2019: (P001 - P050, P158 AND P130 - P156)

THURSDAY 13TH JUNE 2019: (FROM P051 TO P129; P157)